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Попросил я товарища вскрыть нагинату, сам не решался, а там аж три мекуги ана да подпись, о как
Очень приятная эта жизнь когда сюрпризы хорошие дает. Был практически уверен что там обломок без всякого накаго будет.
ну помните была странная такая нагината

Кто то там пишет " Could you find anyone locally who can do industrial x-raying? That might show whether this weapon has a tang shaped like a wakizashi's. If so, the decision whether to unwrap the mummy might depend on whether you want to restore it with sword fittings. If it looks like it never was a sword, it might be as well to leave it the way it is.

Even a compass needle, or a magnet suspended on a sensitive chemical balance, ought to show how far the steel extends inside the shaft.

I can imagine this being assembled in any of the countries where guerillas fought the Japanese, or the Japanese left in a hurry. Although such relics must form a minute proportion, if any, of the Japanese swords on eBay from China, it must sometimes be true. In southeast Asia dark tropical hardwoods might have been used, while Japanese timbers are mostly similar to those of Europe or North America."

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    Стоимость одной ракеты-перехватчика около $50000, стоимость одной из водопроводных трубы, которые запускают палестинцы, $50-300. Я представляю как…

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